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2024 Jumping Worm Jamboree

July 1-31, 2024 (participant surveys)

The Pennsylvania iMapInvasives Program is pleased to be hosting a new survey event this summer called the Jumping Worm Jamboree. The event invites natural resource professionals and members of the public to search for and report their findings of invasive jumping worms (Amynthas-Metaphire spp.), species that negatively impact our state's economic and ecological resources. By participating in this event, individuals are asked to survey in residential settings and natural areas with all findings being submitted to iMapInvasives. This event is scheduled to take place throughout the month of July.

An instructional webinar to discuss the event with details on how to participate will be offered on Thursday, June 27 at 11:00am. As part of the webinar, Dr. Annise Dobson, Director of Research Programs and Associate Research Scientist from the Yale School of the Environment, will provide a comprehensive overview on jumping worms. Program staff with PA iMapInvasives will provide details on how to take part in the event.

If you'd like to participate as an on-the-ground surveyor, watch the following webinar recording which provides all the details needed for individuals to get started surveying and reporting their findings to iMapInvasives. Additional details about the event can be found in the following ArcGIS StoryMap


Questions about the 2024 Jumping Worm Jamboree can be emailed to Amy Jewitt, PA iMapInvasives Program Coordinator.


2024 Invasive Species Scavenger Hunt

July 30, 2024  - 11:00am (webinar training)
August 1-31, 2024 (participant surveys)

During the month of August, challenge yourself to identify, search for, and report your findings of five invasive species as part of a special statewide event. A webinar training on Tuesday, July 30 at 11:00am will highlight the checklist of species and explain how to report observation data to iMapInvasives. After the webinar concludes, resources will be provided to participants on how to identify each of the five species as well as the habitats they reside in. This year's species list will include:

Participants will be given the entire month of August to search in their local natural areas and document their findings in iMapInvasives for these species, including both presence and absence findings. All participants who complete their checklist (i.e., report at least one presence/absence record in iMapInvasives for each of the five species) will be entered into a drawing to win a prize package of outdoor-related gear and an invasive species field guide. Three lucky people will be randomly chosen as the winners of this year's event.

If you'd like to participate as an on-the-ground surveyor, register to attend the July 30 webinar session. Can't attend live? Register, and after the webinar you will receive a link to watch the webinar at your convenience.

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