"One of the greatest values of using iMapInvasives is receiving a quick catch
of a new invasive species report."
Brian Pilarcik, Watershed Specialist at the Crawford County Conservation District, uses iMapInvasives to learn of newly reported invasive species so that Early Detection/Rapid Response efforts may be initiated quickly and efficiently.
Stacie Hall
Assistant Manager at Pymatuning State Park, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources
"As a manager of a large resource, mapping invasive species and related control efforts is vital to understanding the significance of a population in the landscape, size of necessary control measures, and tracking effectiveness of treatments. At Pymatuning, I have been using iMapInvasives over the last three years to assist in the management of several invasive species including hydrilla, a significant concern for the health of the reservoir. Not only am I able to track my own records, I am able to use the statewide data when speaking to others on the spread of hydrilla."
Kimberly Bohn, Ph.D
Forestry and Natural Resources Educator with Penn State Extension &
Co-Director of the Allegheny Plateau Invasive Plant Management Area
"iMapInvasives is the perfect tool for collaborative groups, such as CWMAs, to coalesce and anaylze invasive species data from multiple sources including agency and industry partners as well as information collected by citizen scientists. What makes iMapInvasives so powerful is that not only can you view general distribution maps documenting invasive species across the state, but other tools allow you to create specific maps for a project area, set up an EDRR alert system for account users within your CWMA, or track the progress of treatments and control efforts."
Dan Barringer
Preserve Manager and Invasive Species Management Coordinator at
Crow's Nest Nature Preserve
Natural Lands
"iMapInvasives is useful for Early Detection-Rapid Response as it allows me to know what weeds to look out for in my region so I can manage them efficiently before they become well established."
Eric Rensel
Natural Resource Specialist
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of State Parks
"We will be using iMapInvasives to track our invasive species found in the Parker Dam State Park Complex. Interns will be doing some of this work - as well as control - and we wanted a good way to document it all. And, for the next park manager/staff who may want to know what invasive species we have (or had) on our managed lands and what was done with them, iMapInvasives will prove most useful." 
Michael Hartshorne
Senior Limnologist
Princeton Hydro
"iMapInvasives has proven invaluable in documenting new occurrences of invasives in the state and developing a comprehensive database on shifts in these species over time. This data is critical in helping to inform policy and management decisions in Pennsylvania and beyond."
Benjamin Mummert
Director of Land Stewardship
Central Pennsylvania Conservancy
"When invasive species find their way into Pennsylvania, iMapInvasives reveals their geographic distributions by distributing information across political and institutional boundaries and among citizen scientists (via email alerts). In addition to innovatively collecting and publicly publishing this important occurrence data, iMapInvasives serves as a network that connects citizens and professionals in efforts that collaboratively address the threats invasive species pose."
Barbara Lathrop
Watershed Program Specialist
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
"With certain invasive species on the move, I see iMapInvasives as a useful tool to communicate to others about where species have been found, which is useful information to nearby stakeholders."
Sara Stahlman
Extension Leader
Pennsylvania Sea Grant
"The email alert capability in iMapInvasives has been extremely helpful to me. I've set up several alerts in order to receive information on new infestations reported in Pennsylvania."
Craig Bingman
District Manager (retired)
Snyder County Conservation District
"I am amazed at the diversity of the iMapInvasives database. There are so many choices and selections that can be made."
Brian Jones
Land Stewardship Coordinator at the 
Western Pennsylvania Conservancy &
Member of the Southern Laurel Highlands Plant & Pest Management Partnership
"iMapInvasives has been a useful tool for the Southern Laurel Highlands Plant & Pest Management Partnership. We have a lot of data to add and will primarily be using this application to identify and treat areas within our partnership."
Matt Shank
Aquatic Biologist
Susquehanna River Basin Commission
"PA iMapInvasives is a useful and intuitive interface that allows researchers and managers ready access to distribution data for aquatic invasive species, which are often novel and poorly understood. The convenience of both providing and retrieving distribution data in a central database facilitates information exchange and fosters informed aquatic resource research and management decisions ."
Brian Crooks
Community Forester
Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
"iMapInvasives is comprehensive, yet easy to use. A user can quickly get a complete picture of what is threatening a given area and then make management decisions."
Caitlin Seiler
Director of Volunteer & Land Resources
Allegheny Land Trust
"After attending a training on iMapInvasives, I definitely feel like I have a better grasp on the tools it provides and a good idea of how the Allegheny Land Trust can best use iMapInvasives to track data on our properties and in our overall management efforts."
Nicholas Tonelli
Citizen Scientist
"As a nature enthusiast, I'm greatly alarmed by the spread and impact of invasive species. The iMapInvasives program is an outstanding resource that I've used not only to share my own observations but to further my understanding of invasive species. The program offers a wealth of information, all in one place, that I can't find elsewhere."
Dan Nydick
Citizen Scientist & Board Member at the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
"I see a lot of value in the iMapInvasives program as it has encouraged me to share my observations of invasive species for the benefit of others engaged in invasive species management efforts."
iMapInvasives User
"iMapInvasives allows me to quickly and easily trade reliable invasive species-related information with a potentially large network of informed workers and the public throughout Pennsylvania and the nation. I encourage more persons to involve themselves in this program and contribute to this growing wealth of information."

The Pennsylvania iMapInvasives Program is a partnership of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program, and NatureServe.

Funding for Pennsylvania iMapInvasives is provided by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

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