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Define the following terms:

Confirmed, Unconfirmed, and Approximate.


Confirmed, Unconfirmed, and Approximate are all terms used to describe the status of an observation record. 

When an observation is first entered into iMapInvasives, it is automaticaly assigned an "Unconfirmed" data status since it has not yet been reviewed by the data administrator. Once that record has been reviewed by the administrator and the species identification has been deemed accurate, the observation is then given either a "Confirmed" status or an "Approximate" data status.  The difference between these two terms is that Confirmed data is representative of a species found at a precise location, whereas the exact location of an Approximate record is not known, though its location is known to be relative to a certain place. Approximation descriptions can include any of the following: rural municipality, waterbody, county, section, section-quarter, site, town/township (municipality), township/range (survey), or a custom approximation.

When viewing observation data on the map, Unconfirmed data is displayed as yellow circles, Confirmed data is displayed as green circles, and Approximate data is displayed as orange squares. (See photo above.)

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