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I'm searching for data on a certain species but am unable to find what I'm looking for. Why?


If you find that you are unable to query for location-specific distribution data for a particular species, it is either because we currently do not have any data for that species, OR, it may be due to the fact that the species has a data viewing restriction currently applied to it.  


Data viewing restrictions are currently in place for certain species with special sensitivities that make it so that the general public should not be made aware of these species' exact known locations.  A complete list of species with data viewing restrictions can be seen in the table below.

If you are trying to view data in a state other than Pennsylvania, please note that the iMapInvasives network is currently comprised of nine states and one province, each with their own unique instance of the iMapInvaives database. In order to view specific details and exact locations for data submitted in other participating states and provinces, you will need to login into the appropriate database. View a full listing of participating states and provinces in the iMapInvasives network.

If you are unable to view data in iMapInvasives for reasons not listed here, please contact the data administrator.

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