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iMapInvasives is an interactive online GIS-based invasive species data management program which is part of a larger network , comprised of programs in several U.S. states and one Canadian province.  The iMapInvasives network is led by NatureServe, an international conservation organization with a proven record of biodiversity data management and conservation research. 


The Pennsylvania iMapInvasives program was launched by the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program in ____ after (such and such happened when we decided that we needed to adopt this program).  (Oregon says, "after an extensive survey of the needs of resource managers and research into available invasive real-time species management platforms. Althought several platforms for tracking invasive species data existed, iMapInvasives met teh most needs of managers and users in Oregon.) Because the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program already has much experience maintainingg Pennsylvania's statewide rare and endangered species dataset, it was an obvious choice to have PNHP be the managing partner for the database in PA.  


With all the great work on invasive species occurring in Pennsylvania, it is important to share this information between agencies, with researchers, and at the broader national and international level. Our program solicits data from a wide range of local, state, and federal agencies and orgranizations in Pennsylvania.  National partnerships with the USGS Non-Indigenous Aquatic Species program provides strong program support and continued development of the iMapInvasives network. Through these local and broader partnerships, the data contributed by users like you will contriubte to the greater understanding and response to the threat of invasive species.


For more information on how to utilize the tools and capabilities available in Pennsylvania iMapInvasives, please see our Reference Guides section or contact one of the administrators by sending us a message on our Contact page.

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