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Amy Jewitt serves as the iMapInvasives Coordinator for Pennsylvania. By serving in this lead administrative role, Amy provides broad-based support to database users and trains new individuals and organizations in the applications of the database.


Amy has developed a community of database users among agencies, citizen scientists, non-profits and others with an interest in invasive species tracking. She develops educational materials about invasive species and database use, reviews invasive species reports that are submitted to the database, and assists with invasive species field surveys.


By attending various outreach events, Amy helps to raise awareness of the efforts to track invasive species in Pennsylvania through the use of  iMapInvasives. She also maintains the Pennsylvania iMapInvasives homepage (this webiste) to ensure that the most up-to-date information is available for those interested in learning about the tools available in iMapInvasives.

Through her involvement in both the PA Department of Agriculture's Plum Pox Virus Eradication Program and the USDA Asian Longhorned Beetle Cooperative Eradication Program, Amy has become a passionate advocate for invasive species management and values the tools available in the iMapInvasives database to accomplish this purpose.

About Amy
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