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In addition to her education in Ecology, Mary brings experience to the Pennsylvania iMapInvasives project from 13 years of conducting surveys for native and invasive aquatic species and documenting the damage to ecosystems.


During the five years that the iMapInvasives project in Pennsylvania has been in existence, Mary has worked on all aspects of the project including project management, formatting and quality checking invasive species datasets, educating new users on database functions, coordinating invasive species reporting, and analyzing and summarizing invasive species distributions.


Mary has also developed priorities for invasive species tracking and surveys (talk more about what this means...) She coordinates grants from state and federal agencies and oversees the tasks accomplished in each associated grant used to fund the Pennsylvania iMapInvasives project.


Mary Walsh has worked in the aquatic resource field for 16 years. She’s an aquatic ecologist with the PA Natural Heritage Program at Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. She works on invasive species tracking, surveys of rare species, conservation of freshwater organisms, and conservation planning. Mary’s education includes a B.S. in Ecology, Ethology, and Evolution from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a M.S. in Ecology from Penn State University.   Mary's been the PA AFS Chapter Secretary-Treasurer since August 2016.

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