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Pennsylvania iMapInvasives Tracked Species List

The following table comprises all invasive species currently reportable
in the Pennsylvania iMapInvasives database

Contact the state administrator if you would like to add a new species to our tracked list.

​​Early Detection species: Species not yet found in Pennsylvania, newly established in Pennsylvania, or thought to be in Pennsylvania but are not well-documented.

High priority species: Species found in Pennsylvania, but not widespread statewide (occurring in less than 1/3 of Pennsylvania counties).

Noxious weeds: Species designated by a country, state, provincial, or national agricultural authority as one that is injurious to agricultural and/or horticultural crops, natural habitats and/or ecocystems, and/or humans or livestock.

PFBC Banned: Species deemed by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission to be unlawful to possess, to introduce or import, transport, sell, purchase, or offer for sale or barter in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Note: Species list updated in September 2021.

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