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Pennsylvania iMapInvasives, bulk upload, contribute large datasets, data contribution form

Bulk Upload

Contribute large datasets to the Pennsylvania iMapInvasives administrator

to have them bulk uploaded into our database.

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For anyone interested in contributing a large dataset to iMapInvasives, submitting your information directly to the administrator for bulk upload is recommended. Various datasets are acceptable including observation (point) data as well as assessment, survey, and treatment (polygon) data. 


The number of records required for a bulk upload can vary depending on the type of data being submitted. For a bulk upload containing observation (point) data, the minimum amount data required in the dataset would be 50 records.  

For bulk uploads containing polygon-style data, there is no minimum amount of records required. 


Formatting Your Data

When submitting point or polygon data for bulk upload, please ensure that your dataset is formatted according to the information listed below.

Observation (Point) Data

Use the following template to format your observation data for bulk upload.

Assessment, Survey & Treatment (Polygon) Data

Use the following template to format your assessment, survey, and treatment data for bulk upload.

How to Submit

To submit your bulk upload data to the Pennsylvania iMapInvasives program, fill in the required information in our data contribution form and one of our administrative staff will be in touch with you shortly.


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