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iNaturalist, iMapInvasives project, invasive species findings

Contribute Data using

If you're already an iNaturalist user, contriubute your invasive species data to iMapInvasives by becoming a member of our iNaturalist project.

iNaturalist overview

Use the power of iNaturalist to record observations of any organism you find, whether it's a native, non-native, or invasive species. Invasive species data entered into iNaturalist via the Pennsylvania iMapInvasives project will be uploaded to iMapInvasives after quality control checks are completed.


Data entered into the Pennsylvania iMapInvasives project on iNaturalist will help to fill in invasive species "data gaps" and provide a more accurate picture of the distribution and density of species populations across our state.

How-To Steps

Follow the steps below to add data into the Pennsylvania iMapInvasives project on iNaturalist:


1. Go to (or download the iNaturalist app from Google Play or the Apple App Store).  

2. Create an iNaturalist account.  It would be helpful to use your iMapInvasives username.

3. Under Projects, join the Pennsylvania iMapInvasives project. 

4. Add observations!  For each record you enter, take a photo and select the Pennsylvania iMapInvasives project to include your record in.

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