Level 0

General Description

Individuals without an iMapInvasives account (i.e., Level 0) can access the Public Map of any iMapInvasives program to view watershed and county-level distribution maps for featured species. Featured species found on each Public Map represent a sampling of invasive species chosen for display by each specific iMapInvasives program.

The Public Map available from each participating iMapInvasives program will likely not display all the invasive species tracked by their program.

To view distribution data for additional species not shown on an iMapInvasives Public Map, a registered user account is required. Request a free login account here.

Examples of Level 0 users include members of the general public.

County-level distribution map
Data Available to Enter and View

At a Level 0, individuals cannot enter any data into iMapInvasives.

Data available for viewing includes:

  • County and watershed-level species distributions 

  • Preset reports showing various data details such as:

    • Number of observations per county​

    • Number of observations per species

    • Number of observations per organization

Map showing watershed-level distribution data for zebra mussels.
Downloading Privileges

Data downloading privileges are not available to a Level 0 user.

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The Pennsylvania iMapInvasives Program is a partnership of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program, and NatureServe.

Funding for Pennsylvania iMapInvasives is provided by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

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Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program, iMapInvasives partner
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