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Pennsylvania iMapInvasives, mobile app, capture observation data, invasive species, smartphone, tablet, other mobile device

Mobile App

Capture observations of invasive species using your

smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device.

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Overview & Download

Quickly capture observation data by using the iMapInvasives mobile app, available for both Android and iPhone. It's easy - take a picture of the invasive species you've found, select the name of the species, add your observation to a project (if desired), and let your mobile device select the date and mark your location. To upload your observation(s) to iMapInvasives, simply return to a location with Wifi and "Viola!", you're done.

To enter data into iMapInvasives using the mobile app, you must request a free login account for Pennsylvania iMapInvasives and obtain at least a Level 2 user status.  Learn more about using the mobile app by checking out the information available in our Reference Guides section.

Quick and easy!

The iMapInvasives mobile app was designed with simplicity in mind. With an easy-to-use interface and only a few steps to complete, recording your findings of invasive species has never been easier.

Get outside.

Go for a hike, a canoe trip, or a walk around your neighborhood and record any invasive species that you find. Return to an area with Wifi to upload your observations.

Pennsylvania iMapInvasives, mobile app, Google Play store, download.
Pennsylvania iMapInvasives, mobile app, Apple app store, download.

Download app today!

Start mapping invasive species today by downloading the iMapInvasives app on your mobile device.

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