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Five-leaf akebia (Akebia quinata)
Photo credit: © Woolbeding Gardens/Paul Gallivan

What is the purpose of email alerts and how are they created?


Email alerts are a unique functionliaty in iMapInvasives which allow any user with a Level 1 account or higher to receive notices about confirmed observations submitted to iMapInvasives. This unique form of data sharing facilitates early detection and rapid response efforts while also allowing registered users the ability to create customized alerts which are specific to their particular interests.

For example, if a particular user works with aquatic invasive species in Erie County, this person could create an email alert that will send him/her notices whenever a relevant observation waas submitted to iMapInvasives (and confirmed by the administrator). A user could also set up an alert which would notify him/her when a new taxa was found in Pennsylvania, such as a species from our Early Detection list. 

Some state officials need to receive email alerts on unconfirmed reports of High Priority species (immediately after a user enters the observation into iMapInvasives). In cases such as this, a "back-door" email alert can be set up by the state administrator. Contact the data administrator for more details on setting up this type of alert.


There are three different types of email alerts available including Continual, Early Detection, and New to Geography. To learn more about the different alert types and how to create your own email alert(s), please review the information available for email alerts in our Reference Guides section.

What's My User Level?
User Level Descriptions

Click on any of the user levels listed below to learn more about the capabilities associated with each and what kind of training is required to obtain each level.


Level 0 - No Account

Level 1 - View Only

Level 2 - Observation

Level 3 - Assessment

Level 4 - Survey

Level 5 - Project Leader

Level 6 - Treatment

Level 7 - Infestation Management

Level 8 - Organization Download Level

Level 9 - Geographic Download

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