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What is an iMapInvasives project and what are the benefits of creating one?


A project is a way to organize and group data for a specific task or grant and can include information from multiple people and organizations. Some of the benefits to having data in an iMapInvasives project include:


  1. Data can be easily searched or downloaded.

  2. Multiple agencies can submit and share observation data for the same project.

  3. The project leader can review and confirm observations entered in the project.

While one user will be the Project Leader, any other iMapInvasives user can be added to the project regardless of their organization affiliation or user level. Anyone listed as a project member with at least Level 2 access can, depending on the user level, add an observation, survey, treatment, or infestation management record to the project when entering data online. The Project Leader can then download any of this data.

User Level Descriptions

Click on any of the user levels listed below to learn more about the capabilities associated with each level and what kind of training is required to obtain each particular user level.


Level 0 - No Account

Level 1 - View Only

Level 2 - Observation

Level 3 - Assessment

Level 4 - Survey

Level 5 - Project Leader

Level 6 - Treatment

Level 7 - Infestation Management

Level 8 - Organization Download Level

Level 9 - Geographic Download

What's My User Level?
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