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Is there a training requirement to be

a registered user of Pennsylvania iMapInvasives?


To be a registered user of the iMapInvasives database in Pennsylvania, certain training requirements in place that apply to most users. The exception to this rule is for Level 1 registered users who have access to the database, though with limited capabilities. (See user level descriptions for more details.)


In order to fully utilize the many tools available in iMapInvasives, training is a requirement. Training ensures that a user has been instructed in the uses of certain capabilities and functions and understands the broader scope of the database as a tool to be used for invasive species management efforts.

Required Training

To know what training is required to gain access to the various capabilities in iMapInvasives (such as data entry, querying, and downloading), please review our Trainings page

Completed Trainings

To see a list of trainings you've already completed, check out your user profile, found on the main navigation page of the database.  Here you'll find a list of trainingsTraining details are entered and stored by the iMapInvasives administrator. (See screenshot below for more details.)

Level Descriptions
User Level Descriptions

Click on any of the user levels listed below to learn more about the capabilities associated with each and what kind of training is required to obtain each level.


Level 0 - No Account

Level 1 - View Only

Level 2 - Observation

Level 3 - Assessment

Level 4 - Survey

Level 5 - Project Leader

Level 6 - Treatment

Level 7 - Infestation Management

Level 8 - Organization Download Level

Level 9 - Geographic Download

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